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The Chinese Museums Association Exhibition Exchange Center was officially launched during ICOM’s 24th General Conference in Milan, Italy on July 4th 2016. The Chinese Museums Association Exhibition Exchange Center was established by the Chinese Museums Association, the most authoritative museum association in China, and run by Tianyu Cultural Group. The center aims to promote exhibitions exchange both in China and abroad. With approximately 4,692 museums in China, hosting more than 20,000 exhibitions and attracting over 72 million visitors each year, Chinese museums hold abundant exhibition resources and enjoy huge popularity with audiences. However, nowadays the public’s demands are difficult to satisfy with improvable exhibitions caused by imbalance of information communication and insufficiency of promotion existing in previous pattern on exhibitions exchange. Thus, this center was created to provide excellent and resourceful exhibitions to domestic and overseas museums without charge.

About Chinese Museums Association

The Chinese Museums Association is a non-profit NGO created by groups and individuals engaging in museum-related business in 1982. The association aims to improve the management of museums and academic research level. Furthermore, it would make a great contribution to the prosperity and development of Chinese culture. Regular activities include training, conferences and publications dedicated to museums.

About Tianyu Cultural Group

As the first specialized group company in China, Tianyu provides full service for museum industry. With core objectives centered on the handing down of cultural legacy and promotion of Chinese history and civilization, the group company is dedicated in exhibition planning, exhibition exchanges, museum education, and the design and production of cultural products. Tianyu can help establish contact with Chinese museums for intended cooperative purpose efforts.

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